Coaching & WORKSHOPS

for Individuals, Couples, or Groups 



Mindfulness Coaching 

I provide mindfulness coaching for those seeking to live with greater equanimity and balance. The practice of integrating mindfulness can help to support self-awareness and provide insight into patterns of reactivity.  Mindfulness coaching integrates meditation, experiential exercises, cultivating greater levels of openness, acceptance, and curiosity, and maintaining present moment awareness.

Mind-Body Wellness Coaching

Establishing mind-body connection, integrating physical wellness with mental health, and awareness of your body's response to emotional challenges and stressors.  As a wellness coach, I bring the skill and technique to support your physical and emotional health goals.  I integrate techniques from my mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Somatic Experiencing, Kundalini, Ayurveda. My body-centered approaches foster resilience to stress, enhance self-care, and support mind-body wellness.

Relationship Coaching

Supporting your capacity for connection on an authentic level, find greater comfort, ease, and confidence in building new relationships.  I help clients address social anxiety and other barriers to connection.  I provide guidance for those seeking to establish healthy boundaries and break destructive relationship patterns.  I aim to support my clients in deepening communication skills and cultivating new approaches for healthy and satisfying relationships.